Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Cozy Memories

One of my warmest memories of Christmas in St. Louis is walking down the stairs and seeing the tree in the early morning hours.  Mom always had it lit by the time I woke up and it gave the softest, most wonderful glow.  It always gave me a sense of home. 

I wanted to create that here, so I insisted we get a timer that could turn the lights on in the morning for a few hours and then again in the evening.  I have actually been eager to wake up in the morning to enjoy drinking my coffee by the warm glow the tree emits. 

What are you favorite memories?


PeregrineAce said...

I loved our tree when I was a kid, too. I would sneak out of bed at night to look at it sometimes. :-)

My favorite holiday memories are actually of Christmas Eve. My dad's a musician so our whole family would sit down together and sing Christmas carols. I remember it as being this very peaceful time before all the craziness of the next day.

I hadn't really thought of that in a long time... good post!

Kari said...

That is a great memory. My dad's side of the family always sings carols after we open presents on Christmas day. It's a favorite tradition of mine too!

Kristen said...

Do buckeyes count as our tradition? Buckeyes, candy cane cookies and caramel corn. You know how we Barzes do like to cook! :-)

Kari said...

I miss buckeyes! I made a white chocolate holiday bark this week that might have to suffice in its place. :-)