Saturday, August 07, 2010

We Believe

The Exhibitor Hall
Mass Event
Family pic with my cousin Courtney.
I can't believe she's old enough to be at the Gathering!
Last Mass Event
The Gathering was amazing. From a multiple-participant/observer perspective, I think it's my favorite so far. The mass events just seemed really tightly put together with a great flow in terms of speakers and music.

From the beginning I was a bit emotional. There is always a staff worship service the evening before everything begins and I was overcome with emotion after singing hymns and worship songs with more than fifty people. (We're NOT in Lutheran-land here)

Jason came the first day without the boys and got to see everything as it began, so then he knew where to bring them first, etc. They had a BLAST! They loved the exhibitor hall with all of their activities, but their favorite was Hall D--the experiential hall. I think they spent a day-and-half there. The mass events were another highlight for them as well. Ian probably got more out of them at this point than Donovan did, just due to their ages, but it was a good experience for both of them.

I was sad to leave it all. My love of ministry was reawakened. Partly from being around so many ministry-minded people, and then seeing former students, classmates, and colleagues. It really hit home how starved I am for ministry in my life again.

Till I can officially work in that capacity again, I must remember that truly, everything I do is ministry.

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