Thursday, July 15, 2010

River of Light to We Believe

I'm finally excited! "We Believe" the LCMS National Youth Gathering is here! It's not that I haven't been excited, but I've finally gotten through family visits and finding people to cover work shifts, so I can actually BE excited and not just anxious about getting everything in order to leave.

I love the Gathering. The '95 "River of Light" Gathering was my Gathering as a participant and it was the mountain-top experience of my high school career. Nothing else compares to being with 25,000+ people worshiping and learning together. It was at the Gathering that I realized two things.

1. I wasn't just going into teaching, I was going into Ministry. (At the time I was an upcoming senior and had decided to attend Concordia in Seward, NE)
2. Everything I do is Ministry.

There wasn't one particular Bible study or mass event that lead me to these discoveries. It was the entire event...from Bible study to mass event to experientials and games. It was all an incredible experience.

I pray the youth participating in this Gathering have the same experience. I'm excited one of my youngest cousins will be one of them. I pray the planners are please with their three years of work. I pray our Synod continues to support such an incredible effort that touches of the lives of so many of our future leader.


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Kristen said...

It's so true, Kari! Youth gatherings are life changing moments. I shared my own reflections on my website ( I'm sure you saw a whole different side of it this time with all the behind the scenes work you did. I know this was a long time in coming. Thanks for helping to make the gathering a reality for a new generation.