Monday, August 16, 2010

San Antonio Rock 'n' roll Training Commences

Jason and I haven't trained for anything...ANYTHING, not even a 5K in two years. The need for some consistency in our exercise routine has meant finding and committing to a race in which to train. The San Antonio half-marathon holds a special place in my heart--it was my first half-marathon five years ago. Yes, FIVE years ago...I can't believe it's been that long already. It was also Jason's first endurance event in 2008.

So, we're in week three of officially training. We did six miles last weekend--it was the WORST six miles I've ever run in my life. But we did it and we did it again this past weekend and it was much better. (I was dreading it and Jason had to pump me up. Which is a role reversal for us.) The difficult thing about training for endurance events in the South is not only the heat, but the excruciating humidity found when also living by a large body of water. We'll persevere and drink lots of Gatorade! It's nice to be back into a routine!

Training Schedule this week:
Sunday: Six miles
Monday: Rest and Stretch
Tuesday: 60 min./Stretch
Wednesday: 60 min cross train/stretch
Thursday: 45 min/stretch
Friday: 45 min./stretch

Gotta love it!

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