Wednesday, August 18, 2010

De-clutter Me

Will I ever be clutter free? It seems as soon as I clear off the spare bed or the counter top something new appears within seconds!

I love the idea of being clutter-free. I love being organized. I love organizational tools. I just can't ever seem to sustain being organized and clutter-free!

It seems I've been on the quest to de-clutter for the last year. Moving will do that to a person. I had a LOT of stuff. Jason went minimalist after his divorce, so he had far less stuff. He's also not as nostalgic about some things as I am. For example, Jason has one stuffed animal from his childhood. I have a Rubbermaid 70gallon tub. Now, in my defense, I had two tubs and have reduced it to 1 and I want to put them on display in my child's room someday, so there's a reason to keep them.

Most areas of the house are always clutter-free. I hate clutter in the bathroom, so it's always clean. I hate clothes on the floor, so our clothes are always in the hamper or put away. Most of the time the kitchen counter is clean, but I also hate doing the dishes, so sometimes there are a few stray dishes in the sink or on the counter while the dishwasher is full.

My office is really the hardest place to keep de-cluttered. There are several reasons. It's a good catch-all for items that don't have homes yet. Scrapbooking stuff comes and in and out of it's home frequently, but sometimes it takes some time to get it back home.

But I also blame my mother (whom I love DEARLY). Mom is OCD about many things when it comes to her house. It's spotless, truly, it is. But mom is a "piler" when it comes to office paperwork-type things. Dad is pretty neat about stuff too, but he's usually got a variety of piles going in his office too.

So. there you have it. It's genetic. :)

This post all stems from finding two blogs today regarding organization. The first is this and from there I found this one. Both inspired me to tackle my office...AGAIN. It was clean when we got back from NYG and dropping the boys off in San Antonio. But somehow the bed had piles again. Most of them are gone. Pictures that needed to be scanned are scanned. The few remaining items are:
1.NYG cross to be hung
2. 2 beach pictures of boys to be hung
3. Creative Memories files that I need to go through to put my Memory Keepers club together.
4. 2 books I'm going to trade in for a different book at a used bookstore.
5. Some scrapbooking papers I'm going to send to my cousin.

So, everything has a reason to be out, I just have to get those tasks accomplished. Now, back to the tasks...or reading "Eat, Pray, Love." I must finish it by Saturday for book club. Yea!


Amanda said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog! We're glad you found some inspiration. One thing to help with paper clutter is to purchase expanding file folders and sort everything into different files.


Kristen said...

Oh, Kari, I feel the same way! I really want to be organized (and mostly am) but there's always room for improvement! Why do papers accumulate so? Good luck on getting things in order. I'm working on it too before school starts!

Kari said...

I use the expandable folders for our bills...which is great! I might need to start another one for things I tear out of magazine. :)