Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Good Friends and Good Times

Shortly after returning from Memphis, I headed to New Orleans, LA for the January '10NYG meeting. Erin is my co-manager and got to attend this meeting, which was a double-bonus for me.

It was overwhelming at first to be surrounded by people, Lutherans no less, and so many whom I just adore spending time with, but rarely get to do so. It was a productive meeting from my standpoint and I'm excited to see all of the plans come to fruition in July! And the backpacks ROCK! :)

The funniest story for me was when I saw my mom's former CPH boss, Joe, in the lobby when I first arrived. Poor guy, he hadn't heard about any of the family changes in the last year. So I proceeded to blow his mind when I told him I'm married, Kelly's married and mom and dad live in South Dakota now. He had actually heard that, but none of the rest. His face was priceless!

Ah, good times again!

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