Thursday, January 28, 2010

Good Friends, Good Times

Dirty 30-II landed in Memphis earlier this month. Originally we were headed back to our St. Louis roots, but Sara is going to be moving to Memphis later this year and so we decided check out the city. It is amazingly similar to St. Louis. As I drove in on 55 and 240, I eerily felt as though I was on 44 going into the city. Which is a bonus in that it's familiar, but a bummer because Sara and her Naval husband, James, wanted a different area of the country for his last few years in the service. Oh well, she'll be closer to me, which is a bonus for all.

We enjoyed BBQ, martinis, and Beale Street (not in that order). We found some darling neighborhoods for Sara and James to investigate further when they know their exact move date. And we just enjoyed being together, as always.

Love these ladies!

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