Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Now What"?

I have NOT been looking forward to this birthday. I couldn't really pinpoint why until I was at the NYG meeting. As usual, spending time with old friends brings clarity. I realized that in the year of "31" two HUGE dreams came true. I finished my Masters and I got married. One I'd been working towards for years and the other I had been hoping would happen for many years.

So the question is, "Now what"? Now that I've accomplished both those things, what do I do? What's the next big goal? Children? In a couple of years. (Although the NUMEROUS number of newborns and soon-to-be-born little ones at the NYG meeting did start a little baby fever, but I'm taking advil and ignoring it).

Get a job? Yeah, that needs to happen and I'm working on the resume and counseling certificates that I need to apply for positions next year. I have been quite sheltered in my Lutheran world when it comes to finding a job outside of it. And since I'm not in the land of Lutherans, it makes it all the more difficult for me.

Creative Memories is going well and I would love to become a unit leader in then next year, but I have to learn how to recruit, so we'll see. It is one goal. I just have to learn how to earn it. Without a business backgroud, it's more of a challenge. Which is good for me. I do better with challenges.

I also do better with structure. I don't have a lot of structure this week, so I'm feeling as though I've been quite lazy. I'll get over it. And really, I need to remember to enjoy this time because I'll never have it again. Most likely the next time I don't have a job, I will have little ones that require my attention. So, therefore, I need to just enjoy this gift of time. That's hard for me.

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Nicole said...

You're right....ENJOY THIS TIME! Happy belated birthday, by the way! I hope it was a wonderful one! I know that whatever goals you set out, you'll accomplish!