Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Nostalgia

This week has me reminiscing of last year when we took the boys pumpkin picking, carved and painted them at my house, then we went trick-or-treating with them. It was a special time. We miss the boys more than I can express. We haven't seen them in three months and we have roughly a month to go before we'll see them again. Pray for patience for both us, and them. Here are some pictures of the pumpkin patch and trick-or-treating.

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Staci said...

Hey Kari!

I love to see you updates on your blog! So fun to see what's going on in your life! Do you do most of your scrapbooking digitally? Is it pretty cost effective? I would love to find a way to get my scrapbooks up to date. I just keep getting farther and farther behind!