Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fun Times!

So after that melancholy moment I shared with all of cyber-world, I had a fantastic weekend. Jason and I went walking around an awesome residential area near the Ocean Springs Harbor and ended the evening eating at their Bar and Grill. I had some of the best gumbo I've had so far and a fantastic crabcake sandwich. The evening was brisk. The air was clear. It was just divine. It was one of those "nothing" nights that just makes you happy. You know?

The next morning we participated in a benefit walk for a little girl named Sohia. Her parents own a place called the "TatoNut shop" in downtown Ocean Springs. The tato nuts are wonderful and can be identified as a type of doughnut, if you're wondering. Anyways, Sophia has brain cancer and is receiving treatment in Texas. This has meant closing the shop to be with her. You can imagine what kind of financial strain that can bring to a family. The benefit walk seemed like a huge success. We didn't really know anyone, so we walked the bridge and then went home. But it still felt good to be out with the community. From the bridge we saw these amazing views.

After the walk I double-timed it to be ready to join a group called "Craftyscrappers." They held an all-day benefit crop. If you don't know what a crop is, it's when people bring in all of the scrapbooking or crafting supplies and work for as long as time permits. In this case, 8 hours. I last about 7 hours, but met lots of people and got a party booked out of it. Fabulous! Great ladies. The benefit was for the organizer's granddaughter. She's on a dance team and they are raising money to go to Disney World for a competition. The little girl was a sweetie and I happily helped the cause!

Sunday was church and then I did a "Digital and Dessert" event for a group of ladies. It was a fabulous time as well. I made this and it was awesome!

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