Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween of Yesteryear

I'm working on Christmas presents and one of them is a calendar for some family members. I'm pretty certain the ones in question never read my blog, so I'm safe in posting this one pic. Mom was very creative in using available resources for various costumes. I was the witch multiple years in a row and mom made that one. The other costumes were borrowed from friends or came from our own wardrobes. I don't recall ever shopping for costumes or anything like that. Isn't Kelly the cutest little puppy???

Incidently, the calendar is a free template from Creative Memories. You can download it for free and just drag 'n' drop your pictures into the spaces. They give you three different template options for each month. You can insert text into the image area and then also onto the calendar. All possible family birthdays will be included in this gift! You can download the template from my website. Once you're finished you can upload it to the Creative Memories Digital website and order yours. Shamelessly I will tell you that calendars will be 20% for orders of 2 or more from Nov. 1 through the 15th. Just in case you need some quick Christmas ideas!

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