Friday, July 31, 2009

Zoo, Arch, and Ted's All In A Day's Work

Turtle Park rocks!

The boys and their daddy.

"Can we turn and look at it now?"

The Primate House--I's favorite!

Checking the veiw from the top.

The magnificent "Gateway to the West"
We made it to Ted's LATE that night...a little too late for these tired boys to thoroughly enjoy it, but they tried.

So this is the Monday after Kelly's wedding. We're still a little tired and are slow to get moving. We stayed at my friend Sara Jane's house while she was in San Diego getting ready for her upcoming wedding (more from that later). Her mom stopped by to get her mail and asked what are plan was for the day. Well, we were just going to do the Zoo, knowing it's an all-day excursion and do the Arch on Tuesday. What we found out from her was that not only was it the All-Star game on Tuesday, which we knew, but that President Obama was making an appearence. If you've ever been around when a President makes an appearence, you know that every highway shuts down for miles and you can't get anywhere. So, we decided to move the Arch to Monday as well. I know, crazy.

It was, but it was fun too. The Zoo was great, we stopped at Turtle Park first for some fun and then walked on over to check out the animals. I love that our Zoo is free...we could go get Imo's pizza and come back without a problem! :)

We didn't have any problems with the Arch either. Traffic wasn't bad, even at rush-hour and the Homerun Derby going on. We got right on a tram and up we went. The boys were a little nervous about the tram, which one will articulate and one will pretend doesn't bother him. But once they were up there they had a blast.

We then headed to Ted of my favorite. A comedy of errors that weren't so comedic at the time made this venture not quite as enjoyable, but frozen custard always tastes good. Then it was time for bed! More to come!

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Julaine said...

Looks like everyone enjoyed St Louis. Where did Kelli get married? I picked this up on Rachel Winter's blog. Nice to reconnect with old friends. A lot is going on in your lives now - but the dust will settle soon as you sink back into everyday. Please keep in touch - nice to be a part of your lives. Julaine