Thursday, August 06, 2009

Grant's Farm

Ian, Ella, and Donovan enjoying the train ride.
Donovan tries to appease the goats.

Ian grooms them.

Lamas and a bald eagle end the visit on a high note.
As promised, an update. We took the boys to Grant's Farm on our second day. My friend Mandi and her daughter, Ella, joined us for the fun. Ella's my little buddy since we bonded last summer, so it was especially fun for her to meet the boys. The boys loved entertaining her and she loved the attention. The goat feeding was hilarious. Poor Ella had gone in before her mom and the goats attacked her immediately and when they got on their hind legs they were her height. Consequently she wasn't keen on being inside the gates, but enjoyed feeding them from outside. The elephants were also very exciting for the kids...and me. I love the animals at Grant's Farm, almost more than going to the zoo.

Nothing more exciting happened that day. We were exhausted by the end and enjoyed a quiet night at home.

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