Friday, June 12, 2009

Quiet Night

It's a quiet night here...I've thought it was Thursday since Tuesday, or Wednesday...I can't quite remember. The week has been a blur of wrapping up things at my first practicum site--St. Anthony Catholic High School. It was a good experience. I got in three counseling sessions and LOTS of indirect hours of doing record-keeping and planning for the upcoming school year. I came away with some great ideas--just wish I could apply them to LHS next year. Oh well, I'll store them away for where-ever I may be counseling in the future. I will be at The Winston School for the next four weeks. This is a special school--it serves students with learning differences of all levels--K-12. I'm really excited about the experiences I will have there!

I've somewhat stuck to my plan of packing a tub a night. I took much of this week off to finish my 2008 album. It is the BEST feeling ever to have my post-college life completely in albums! I love looking at all of the memories.

The albums are a legacy to my children. They'll know what I valued and experienced before I met Jason. Then they'll get to see how wonderfully my life changed after I met him. (Which was a year ago this week! :)) But they'll see how friendships centered in Christ were, and are, important to me.

Anyways, enough of my going on about the importance of pictures and albums. But who really celebrates life by looking at pics on a computer? No one...they need to be back in our lives, which means in albums...whether it's the traditional format or digital!

All of that brings me to tonight. I made a lovely veggie quesadilla, packed up two tubs of kitchen stuff and now I'm enjoying some wine and "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days." Not a bad night at all. It's a bit surprising to have a quiet night, but when I look at the rest of the month, we have the following...

Jason is here next weekend (Yea!)...the next weekend holds a wedding in the afternoon, but that's all...then the next weekend is my last weekend here! Whew! It's going to end oh so quickly. My near-decade time in SA will quickly come to an end. Other than spending time with Jason and the boys, I have no idea what the future holds beginning in August. I'm not looking for a job until I get there and I'm not going to look for a full-time teaching or counseling job. A new marriage, new town and the craziest 8 months of my life leave me desiring sleep and breathing. So I'll sub for a year and see where that leads. Right now, just being with Jason is all my heart desires.

And now I must stop rambling!

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