Sunday, May 31, 2009

May--The Emotional Roller-Coaster

I cannot describe sufficiently what May has been like for me this year. There has been the understandable low from the mountain-top experience of the wedding. Jason and I have been married for five weeks and we've now seen each other for a total of eight days--we've passed a week! :)

Fortunately, and unfortunately, the ending of the school year has kept me busy enough that I've managed to keep my mind off of our separation a little bit. I did get to visit him in Biloxi, which was glorious--we ate wonderful food--the best BBQ ever! The best crab cakes ever and a nice, slow stroll on the beach were the highlights for us.

School ending really snuck up on me this year. We got to the last days of class and it didn't register with me that those were my last days with the students forever. I was honored to give the Charge to the class and introduce our valedictorian--IN OUR NEW GYM.! Our school does not have keynote speakers for graduation, so giving either of these is really an even higher honor. I charged the students to never quit. It wasn't a bad speech if I do say so myself. :)

The end meant cleaning. Cleaning my classroom out and my office. It was emotional. I wasn't as emotional as I was at Baccalaureate--the sermon resonated with me and this next chapter in my life as much as it did for the students, therefore I was a waterfall from the beginning of it till the end of the service. However, at waterfall then meant not a tear the next day. Cleaning out my classroom and office was cleansing in ways--I think throwing out stuff always is for me. It was just odd to pack things up and move them to my car, then to the garage, and now to Biloxi.

Jason came into town this weekend. I kind of brow-beat him into coming. It didn't take much, but it was my idea and not in the original plans. I ran out of room in the garage for boxes and if he hadn't come this weekend, it would have been five weeks between our visits and that's just too long for this newlywed. So we had the boys for a day and night and then spent the rest of the time getting everything I had packed loaded into his PawPaw's truck for the roadtrip to Biloxi. I'm referring to this load as "Load 1.b." Load 1.a was in February when Jason took all of my books and Christmas decorations with him.

The last May highlight is actually from earlier in the month. Mother's Day. I actually got to experience it this year! While I haven't experienced the joy of birthing my own child. I do have the joy of loving Ian and Donovan. Jason treated me to some beautiful flowers the Thursday before that weekend and they the boys' mother sent me flowers from the boys! It was a lovely first Mother's Day for me. I then enjoyed one last one with my parents before we all move in very different directions. For those who haven't heard, my dad accepted a Call to start a new Lutheran High School in Sioux Falls, SD. It's a summer of serious transitions for our family!

That's the recap! I pray all is well in your worlds! The next six weeks will be busy with graduate practicum and packing! And looking forward to my sister's wedding!

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