Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Car Wash

I don't want to wash my car. After a week and a half the fantastic paint job--by Nicole and Joy--still looks awesome. I thought I would wash it over the weekend. But somehow I can't make myself do it. Somehow washing it away feels as though I'll be washing the weekend away--the newness away. Which seems silly, but how often will I get to enjoy having "Just Married" on the back of my car? Hopefully never again.

Part of it may be that Jason and I aren't actually together yet. So the painting, and pictures, is a strong reminder of the most amazing, happiest weekend of my life.

Eventually the painting will look chipped and worn and I'll be forced to wash it. For now I'm going to drive it around obnoxiously and enjoy it!


Nicole said...

I'm glad you like it! It's gotta be hard being away from him. just hang in there! This WILL pass and then you'll get to honeymoon all over again! :)

Brian & Erin said...

Amen sweetie! Soak all the fond memories you can out of your beautifully decorated car. The next "wedding" of yours I'll be attending will be the renewal of vows 25 years from now. Can't wait for that one! :)