Monday, January 26, 2009


There is just too much going on to really blog properly. Too many topics. Too many pictures I have taken, or want to take. Here's the list...

1. Bachelorette Party from two weeks ago.
2. Paper Purge of 2009 (should be a good one).
3. Pity Party Friday night, followed by fantastic sermon about Exodus 14:15--"Quit Crying and Keep Moving."
4. Packing and moving Jason this week.
5. NYG '10 Planning meeting at the end of this week in New Orleans.
6. All the ministry opportunities popping up at school that I wish would not because I hate seeing my students hurting.
7. Summer practicum not being offered this summer and how I have no time this weekend to deal with that situation.

That's the exhausted list...I'm sure there are more wedding blogs to share, but right now the planning has stagnated due to the move.

Please pray for safe travel for Jason and I as we move him this week. Blessings to all!


Brian & Erin said...

Okay, so we for real need to get caught up. I can't wait to hear about your time with Sara and Michelle and I need to know why you're having pity parties on your birthday!!! I know life is busy and I don't envy you packing up Jason this week. Know you're in my thoughts and prayers. I'm feeling pretty jealous about your Gathering meeting right now... Why is my husband will be there and I won't? I'll send a mighty large hug with him for you!

The Abramowski Family said...

Hi Kari, I just wanted to let you know that I've put you (and Jason) on my prayer list. I should also let you know that I stalk your blog! :) Don't you just love to read about the lives of others. Hope you are having a good week!