Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where'd the rug go????

My conversation with Jason last evening:

K: So why was work so stressful today?
J: Are you sure you want to take on this stress while you're in the middle of homecoming week?

K: I don't know, why would I take this stress on?
J: Well, I'm assuming you'll take any stress of mine on...

(Well now he has to tell me!)

K: Well, you have to tell me now! Honey, are you being deployed? (Jason is Air Force.)
J: (chuckle) No. But I got notification of orders to Biloxi, Mississippi. For February!

WHOOSH! There goes the rug from under my feet...I'm going to go find a new one...

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Brian & Erin said...

Okay... So what exactly does this mean? Is this a permanent move or a temporary post? Good grief!!! I know there isn't much I can do, but I'll pray for wisdom for both of you as you work through the present in order to understand the future. Wish I could be that rug for you... Need a trip to H-town?