Sunday, September 21, 2008

Morning Pleasures

We've hit that time of year when the mornings are just glorious in terms of temperature. My Saturday morning run was almost chilly the entire time--it was also dark almost the entire time. Because I use my Saturday mornings for running, I treasure the opportunity for slow Sunday mornings. I try to get up early enough to savor my coffee. This morning was one of those treasured mornings. I got to enjoy God's glory from my patio as I sipped cappaccino and ate a little breakfast. I thought I'd share my view with you. Have a wonderful week!

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Nicole said...

I happen to really like that view, myself! :)How is running going? I went Saturday morning with Nathan but I'm wayyyyy behind schedule! Oh well, my goal is to finish in the max time so I can still get my medal and t-shirt. Hee Hee!