Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Last One Bites the Dust!

That's right, Eric Vincent stood at the alter while a lovely bride walked down the aisle to meet him. It was beautiful and I have to say I've never seen Eric smile that much for an entire day. I don't know Jess at all, which I hope changes over time, but I think they are going to live happily ever after.

The weekend was great! I got to catch up with Sarah (Barz) Styf, who graciously let me stay with her, and then there were the Berkbiglers and the Furgesons--two of my favorite families. Ian Furgeson takes after his father--I watched him dance around on the dance floor while a cute little blonde one-year-old girl chased after him. Life father like son--sorry Ferg, I had to share it with the world, it was too funny!

Another funny moment was when Eric was sitting with our group chatting a bit. I was talking about the NIKE marathon and the SF firemen giving us our Tiffany necklaces at the end...Eric immediately said, "They're all gay." Urgh! I immediately responsded with "No, quiet jerk!" Eric, "You know we have to give you trouble. You didn't have older brothers." I expained how my fellow teachers Jeff and Andrew do a fine job of filling that role in Eric, Paul, Jon, Brian, and Jed's absence. Eric's response, "Well, we're your dietary supplement...I'm niacin and Paul's B-6." I know I've lost a little bit of the exchange, but hopefully you are at least chuckling because it was incredibly funny.

The random Lutheran moment was when Eric's best man, Mike Brandt, came up to me before the ceremony and asked me if I was Kari Waterman. I was then expecting something about having had my dad as a teacher or something like that, but no, the LCMS world got smaller. Mike grew up catty-corner from my Grandparents in Atkins, IA! I mean really, what are the chances of running into someone in Indianapolis, IN who grew up in Atkins...and is also dear friends with one of my dear friends. Not to mention there is a bit of an age difference there as well. I love it!

It's really amazing I got to Indiana with my dress because I seemed to forget other somewhat essential items--like my contact case, which serves as a neutralizer for the solution. When that doesn't take place, putting my contact in burns like a thousand suns...which happened Saturday morning. And then I forgot my big round brush, which isn't crucial to my salvation or livelihood, but it does help me look my best which is always a goal at weddings. Thankfully Sarah had a curling iron and we were able to hit Target for the contact case. Too bad I didn't realize I needed the brush while I was at Target, but no, that was a discovery made too late.

And then this morning I could have sworn I flew out at 9:50 am. So I got to the airport by 8:40...but my flight was truly at 9:05...yeah, there was some heartbeat elevation as I ran to the boarding counter and prayed they still had a seat on the plane so I didn't have to fly stand-by at 1:50. Flying out at 1:50 wouldn't have bothered me too much because I could have had brunch with friends, but the stand-by part bothered me. I really wasn't in a position to stay another night. But all went well and I made it home by 1 pm.

It was a wonderful time catching up with old friends and realizing how even from far away, real friends know, without knowing, how I'm doing and keep me in their prayers.

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mom of the year said...

So is the wedding circuit truly complete? I think not. We've still got you-know-who to get down the aisle. I award you the trophy for "girl to attend most weddings in her twenties."