Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Saturday Night Fever--Stayed Alive!

Teens get a really bad rap most of the time. People who say teens only think about themselves or are lazy or apathetic have not met the majority of my students. Last week was homecoming week at LHSSA. With "Saturday Night Fever" as the theme for the week we kicked it off with 70s dress day, which led to twin day, crazy day, dress-up day, and then finally spirit day. The majority of the students dressed with great flare all week, even encouraging teachers to join--which I did the last three days. I didn't think 70s attire would be good for a parent meeting on Monday and twin day just didn't happen for me on Tuesday.

Friday brought dance set-up immediately after school. Ten students joined me as we put up 70s paraphernalia all over the Community Life Center at my church. About half of the student helping were actual STUCO members, the other half were volunteers. More STUCO members would have been there but they had athletic practices or games--such is the life of going to a small school. From there we went to the soccer game and cheered our team on to victory.

Saturday was a ten mile run for me, plus a cinnamon crunch bagel from the finally opened Panera Bread Co. I was planning on meeting my students at noon to finish set-up, but was pleasantly surprised to have a phone call from my co-chair saying they finished there morning activities early and could I meet them earlier to get started. The world wouldn't think a teenager would want to get going on a project, but I have proof teenagers do care.

The dance Saturday night was fantastic. The students danced the night away and almost all them stayed to help tear down the decorations. I was out of there by 11:45. Thankfully I had Monday off to recover from the weekend...as wonderful as it was, I was exhausted.

I have to say it was my favorite Homecoming week and dance.


Anonymous said...

Yeah for a successful homecoming. I'm glad to hear it all turned out well. Who would expect differently from an event organized by Kari Waterman!?! :)


Nina said...

Looks like a successful, well run homecoming - not that I'm surprised! Good to talk to you last weekend.