Sunday, May 21, 2006

My First "New" Car

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So it's May, and May is the CRAZIEST month for any educator. There are awards nights, weekend activities for students that we're in charge of...lots of stuff going on. I'm also transitioning into the counseling position, so it's even crazier. And we're relocating the school the week after classes get out. So, life is crazy, but to add to the craziness--my car died last Sunday. Yes, that's right, the 1996 Chevy Lumina with 183,538 miles finally died with the transmission going out. (I'm sorry Kelly, Louy is dead.) So to add the the usual May craziness, I got to go car shopping.

On Tuesday evening I went to a large dealership and looked at several cars with a dealer named Jay. Jay was a typical salesman...every time we drove up to a car, he said, "Kari, I think we've found your car." We hadn't even opened the door to the vehicle! And then he said he could teach me how to drive a five-speed, but that he, "Wouldn't be as good of a teacher as I am." Gag! He never got the prices down to where I needed them and he kept pushing new cars that I couldn't afford. Nice guy, but I didn't want to give him my sale.

On Wednesday night I went to a used dealership where we have an alum working by the name of Chris. Chris was great! I drove a Honda Civic and a Ford Focus and I really liked the Focus. Last night I drove it home!! The AC works on the first level, not just on the fourth! I have gone from having no cup holders to having three within arms length! There is a CD player and the volume increases as I accelerate and decreases when I decelerate! There is also a radio controller on the left side of my steering wheel, so I don't have to take my hand of the wheel to adjust the radio! It's awesome!!

I spent all of Saturday chauffering my roommate and a friend around town to run errands. It was just too much fun to drive!

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