Thursday, May 25, 2006

Life Lessons

I had a major life lesson this week. On Sunday I discovered that someone had gotten my debit/credit card number and was using it in Florida. They didn't just make a tiny purchase...they spent about $2000, which wiped out my account, plus more. I was a bit stressed, especially when I went into the bank Monday morning and they told me that, while I'd be able to get the money back, it would take ten days! That's when I had to excuse myself, go into the restroom and cry my eyes out. However, later that day the bank called and they were able to put all of the money back in by the end of the day! Praise the Lord!!

Amazingly, even though I cried, I was somewhat at peace in knowing that the Lord has always provided and He would through this as well. Many people offered to float me a loan...even from places like Lincoln, NE. :-) So thank you to everyone who knew and were praying for me. I was able to see the Lord providing throughout the whole situation.

I haven't heard anything about who took my number or how they got it. I may never know. I pray that they are stopped so that no one has to go through what I went through.

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