Thursday, April 20, 2006

Spring Break-Irvine, CA

As promised, I'm finally writing about the rest of my spring break trip, which is now a month ago--yikes!! Time flies!

Well, after spending quality time with my family in San Diego I went up to Irvine, CA to hang out with Rachel Soo and the Maschkes. Nina joined me, well, technically I joined her because she was in Irvine before me...but anyways, we were both there. I got to spend lots of time catching up with the girls...poor Jed came home one night to four giggly former suitmates and four cameras. He survived though.

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Nina and I went to the Ghetty Museum of Art in LA with her youngest brother Brett, his girlfriend and Nina's mom who was also randomly visiting. The architecture was amazing!! The grounds were amazing! I highly recommend visiting it if you're ever within two hours of it. It took us an hour and a half to get there, but two hours to get back to Irvine. That pretty much convinced me to never move to LA...the traffic was a bit too insane for me.

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Later that week Nina, Rachel and I met up with Shannon Lavigne, a classmate from CUNE. She graduated in the middle of our sophomore year and was an RA with Nina and I our first year. Shannon was always the one who was up late...I'd go visit her at 2 am...somehow I thought it was normal to be up that late...glad I grew out of that one. Anyways, we met at Laguana Beach and ate lunch with her and her daughter, Zoe, and then walked along the beach. It was great fun!

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The rest of the week was catch-up time with old friends from St. Louis. My Jr. High and High School friend, Michelle, moved to Irvine a couple of years ago--we got to spend an evening catching up. The next day I saw Pastor Tim Detviller, otherwise known to me as "Vicar Tim." He took our youth group to the 1995 Youth Gathering in San Antonio--he was the best chaperone in the entire world. Great guy! I also got to see Michelle's parents, the Bordeauxs--Dr. Bordeaux is the Dean of Education at Concordia and Mrs. Bordeaux is the director of a pre-school.

All in all it was a fantastic trip. As usual I tried to jam-pack visiting as many people as possible into my schedule. But I wouldn't be me if I didn't. I loved seeing everyone...loved seeing Anna pregnant!

I pray all of you are doing well!

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