Tuesday, April 11, 2006

California Spring Break--San Diego

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I finally, finally made it to San Diego to visit my Uncle Dean. He's lived there for eighteen years and I was the LAST family member to make it out there. Even my two younger cousins beat me there by four days. My trip overlapped with the Hellands (MN Aunt, Uncle, and cousins) and my Grandma Sass visiting as well.

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The first day we went to Point Loma, where some scenes from Top Gun were shot, and where there is a very nice lighthouse and such to visit. As you'll see it was an incredibly windy day. Much colder than I had hoped it would be. Later that day we made our way to a bar where we could watch the Iowa Hawkeyes play their tournament game. I love that my family loves basketball so much, especially Grandma Sass...we all know better than to call her during a game.

Later that week we went to Corrinado Island, where the Hotel Del is located. The hotel was built in 1850 and is incredibly luxurious. Many, many movies have been filmed there. We spent a lot of time walking on the beach looking for shells and checking out the kelp that washed ashore.

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I loved my time there, but it was way too short. I need weeks to immerse myself in the culture and explore the city. I guess I'll just have to go back...sigh...

More to come...

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