Friday, May 23, 2014


 We set-up a system for baby-proofing our sliding doors so they can stay open, but N won't tear through them.  The tension rod works great and seems to be a ballet bar for N much of the time. 
 My favorite Saturday mornings are when we sleep in a little and there is time to enjoy our coffee. 
 Occasionally N goes on a sleep-strike and won't go to bed.  We try to be stern, but right now that's difficult when that little grin shows itself.

 I wondered how long it would take her to try to crawl under our dresser.  Surprisingly it took quite awhile.  She made it all the way through with the goal of reaching the door-stop. 
 I fully blame this activity cube for initiating N's desire to pull herself up and then to begin cruising.  It was the first thing she used to pull herself up the day after Christmas.  Stinker.

 This is just a favorite picture of mine.  Love these two!  Love chilled out Saturday mornings.

 We had a date night!  We checked out Koukosai Street in downtown Naha.  We've been there before, but never for dinner or drinks.  We chose a "hole-in-the-wall" soba shop--it was delicious!  You know you've hit a local spot when they don't have English menus and the cook walks outside to the display for you to point to your choice.  After dinner we checked out the above café and bar.  Again, delightful!
 Figuring out how to handle bouncy houses.  She's a quick learner.

 The Zoo!  N loved it.  It's a small zoo, but totally worth 500 yen and a couple hours of fun.  The petting area was N's favorite.  We were a little scared for the lives of the chicks.  She kept bringing them up to her mouth. 

 We had a really warm day and so we took our borrowed turtle out for a stroll.  N had mastered pushing it around the house.  The outside terrain was different, but she had fun.  Her Daddy has taught her to eat dandelions--fantastic. 

 She played under this table for thirty minutes.  Awesome!

Can we go outside?
I am no longer young.  I earned this number while playing sand volleyball on a girls day at White Beach.  First of all, ouch.  Secondly, when I went to serve overhand I realized that I hadn't coached in ten years and my muscle memory was gone.  I made it over every time, but man, it took some warming up!

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