Thursday, October 11, 2012

3 Weeks Till Pack-Out

The whirlwind continues whirling.  Our express shipment went out last week.  We sent mainly kitchen essentials, bathroom essentials, scrapbooking tools and materials, and Christmas stuff, etc.  It only took the gentlemen two hours to pack it all up.  Hopefully all travels well in transit. 

In two weeks the rest of our stuff will go, plus our non-temporary storage stuff.  We are not allowed to bring a car newer than 1976, or something like that, nor our washer and dryer--military will provide it.  So, those are just a few things going into non-temp. storage. 

We've crossed off lots of appointments and gotten lots of our paperwork finished.  It is just eerily coming together.  Jason's awesome four-page task list has really helped us stay on track with everything there is to do to get ready. 

The beginning of the boxes...

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