Monday, September 17, 2012

Almost 44 days

The countdown has been going for quite some time.  Countdown to what?  Japan.  We leave our current home, which we've had for eight months, for Japan. 

Stressed?  Yes.  Tired?  Yes.  Excited?  Oh yes!

We have lots of little details we still need to work out, such as official orders, house-hold goods being scheduled, deciding what I really would rather store at my parents and what I trust the military to store.

And while I say we're stressed, there is also a deep sense of peace.  God is in control.  In the last six weeks I have seen how the puzzle of life is being put together and it can only fit together this well because God's got it.  I'd so mess it up! 

I'm grateful for friends who have been in this position before and who can offer us their wisdom.

I'm grateful for family who are patient as we figure out how this roller coast is going to go.

I'm grateful for my husband's attention to detail. 

I'm grateful we might get to wear jackets on Wednesday! :)  It's the little things sometimes. 

I'm also grateful for the opportunity to go through more of treasures and purge a bit more.  This time around?  High school and college artwork.  I scanned some pieces I want to remember, but otherwise, a great deal went into the trash can.  It wasn't GOOD work.  :)  My art teacher eye immediately cringed.  So away it went.  Not everything, but a nice chunk. 

This piece I saved.  The colors are soothing. 


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Kristen said...

I know it's a lot, but I really enjoyed my visit to Okinawa. I hope that you will enjoy living there. I know Liesl will be glad to have you there! You are in my thoughts and prayers, as you check things off your list, in the upcoming weeks.