Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm A Collector...


Okay, not all of it, but a lot of it.  And it seems this has been a problem since my teen years.  (I'm not a hoarder.  I can walk through all of my rooms just fine, but it still seems that I have way too much that I/we don't use).  Proof that it's been an ongoing issue? 

Exhibit A.  This is me in my parent's van, about to leave for college.  We couldn't fit my sister into the van!  How sad is that?  Should have known then. 
I have always kept too much.  I look back now and think, "why?"  Why did we have to bring all of that stuff, especially at one time?  Why, did I keep, throughout college, textbooks from classes with no bearing on my career later, and then later toss them when I moved to my first post-college home?  Why, why, why?

First, I like a good deal.  Second, I like to think I can reuse and re purpose some things.  Third, it's genetic.  I have a predisposition to cute paper products and cute things in general.  Oh, and again, I like a good deal. 

Fast forward to the last month.  The end of July and beginning of August have had one theme.  "Purge"!  At first it was, "purge, pack, stack", and then later, just "purge"!

This is one of two truck loads of "treasures" I brought to the thrift store.

We unloaded a lot...we each had brought furniture from our "single" homes and worked them together.  But we really didn't love many of the items.  So, moving gives you a great opportunity to purge and make way for something new.  We put bookshelves out in our apartment hallway with signs "free to a good home."  They were gone within hours.  That's great!  I'm happy to help others.
Once we got to Florida, it was time to go through more...this time, mainly clothes.  Wow, I had gotten rid of a lot in those two truck loads, but apparently it was time for more!  This is pile number 1.  Jason created pile number 2 and it's awaiting transportation to a thrift store.  There will be a pile number 3 when I go through my true winter clothes and wash them all.  I can already think of one sweater that needs to go.
Purging is cathartic.  It certainly makes way for the new.  It's eye-opening to see exactly what you don't need.  I didn't think there would be that much, but as I looked at items and decided that, even if they still fit (ugh), I wouldn't wear them, I needed to let go.  I needed to face the fact that I don't need three black dresses anymore because I don't go to that many weddings, I mean events, anymore.  It feels good. 

It means shopping!  Kidding!  Kinda...


Emine said...

I understand what you are going through. I have done the same twice in the last 20 months. It was very liberating. Now I live in a small Portland apartment furnished with just the necessities. Nowadays I think twice (or more often) before I buy anything. I love my small world to be uncluttered, somehow I breathe easier...

PeregrineAce said...

"I looked at items and decided that, even if they still fit (ugh), I wouldn't wear them, I needed to let go." Exactly. It took me a long time to realize that if you're not using it, it's clutter. I still struggle with this.

Kudos to you for being so thorough and diligent about clearing out at every stage of moving about. I did that when we PCSed here and it really was such a relief. Nothing like moving a household to make you question if you need all this Stuff!

I really want to do this in our house but have to keep telling myself that I have other things to concentrate on right now! Of course, we can always count on there being another move in the near future. :-)