Thursday, March 24, 2011

Creatively Organized

I love this blog post regarding organization.  I often found there is a great misconception out there that art is always messy.  Anyone who walked into my art classroom would look around, then say, "Yup, looks like an art room."  I would look around and woefully lament that it wasn't as organized and neat as it should be.  But I think it is difficult to keep a multi-use art space spic and span.  I was always comparing it to our college art building.  As I look back, it was never really messy.  Certain studios might be, but otherwise everything was in it's place. 

Ha!  I simple fact most organizers know...everything should have a place.  I'll comment more on that in a moment.

I want to point out that all of my professors were incredibly organized and methodical.  Many of them had very little on their desks, let alone anything to be construed as clutter.  (Some might even have a touch of OCD, but who am I to judge?)  And there was an expectation that we would keep the building clean as well, so as not to impede on the creative process.

Back to that misconception.  The act of making art can indeed be messy.  But that does not mean the space needs to be messy, nor that it should remain so.  I have learned over the past year or so that I've been scrapping regularly, that I am much more likely to return to the process the next day, if I tidy up my area.  This is also true in the kitchen.  I cook much more frequently when the kitchen is cleaned up daily.  It's just easier to make a mess if there is a clean area to make it in.

I find my thoughts much more flowing if my office area is tidied up.  It will never be pristine.  That I am sure.  But it can be tidy and my desk area can be cleaned off so I can return to creativity soon.

These are my thoughts for the evening.

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