Saturday, March 05, 2011

All Good Things Come To An End

I uploaded our 2010 album today.  100 pages of sheer joy.  100 pages documenting how we grew into a family last year.  I cannot wait for it to arrive. 

The album is not the reason for my absence.  I'm not sure I really have that many readers anyways, but Febuary was just busy!  I visited Jason once, then he came to visit.  Right after his visit, I began a massive roadtrip through the midwest up to the frozen tundra of South Dakota to visit my parents and sell them my car.  That's right, my little Ford Focus is now Mom and Dad's little Ford Focus. 

My roadtrip took me to Memphis to visit Sara Jane; through St. Louis where I stopped long enough to get gas at our old Quicktrip and eat Taco Bell down the street from Abiding Savior; then on to Iowa to spend the night and see family; picked up my Grandma Sass and brought her to Sioux Falls.  It wasn't a particularly adventurous trip...thankfully...and I had "Rent" and other musicals to keep me company. 

I loved seeing where Mom and Dad live...this was my first visit.  I got to see some snow, drive on some ice, and enjoy hot chocolate everyday.  What could be better?

Flip-flops.  ;-)  Just kidding...kinda.  No, seriously, I enjoyed my trip and wish we all lived closer.  March is gearing up to be a crazy month as well.

I'll try to post some pics from the trip, but for now, it's Mardi Gras here! 

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Nicole said...

You have been quite the busy traveler!