Friday, February 04, 2011

January Wrap-Up

I'm currently trying to participate in the 365 project...but it's difficult to find things to photograph besides food when one lives alone.  Despite that fact, I've had a busy month with birthday celebrations and other events.  The spouses club on base (KSC) went to a "Canvas and Cocktails" night.  The teacher leads the group through painting, in our case, a pelican.  It was tons of fun!  Everyone was so nervous about their paintings, but they all did a fabulous job. 

My Aunt Susan had sent me all the ingredients, sans the eggs, for a butterscotch dessert that was also fabulous.  I brought it to the "Canvas and Cocktails" evening to share.  I've been dying to bake, but I don't dare if I'm the only one around to consume it.  I also baked cookies that week for a Saturday crop--the Chocolate Mint Delight recipe on the back of the Nestle dark chocolate and mint morsel bag is excellent!

As promised, I included the page layout from when one of my BFF's came into town for our annual weekend.  It was also a ton of fun.  We spent a day in NOLA enjoying art, cocktails and begniets.  Love it!

A note on the first page, Jason took ONE bag with him.  ONE!  Men!  I'm doing okay.  I miss him of course, but I have managed to stay fairly busy everyday, so if I can keep that up, life will fly by. 

Still training for the Mardi Gras Rock 'n' Roll.  It's next week, so I'm in the tapering phase, which means less running and more cravings for carbs!  It's much more under control than it was in November, that's for sure!

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