Friday, January 28, 2011


January has brought the celebrations of many birthdays, including Jason and myself.  As well as Jason's departure for his deployment.  Thankfully he is just deployed to Tampa, which gives us a chance to visit...very soon.  :-) 

But before all of that, we had birthdays.  Jason turned 35 and all he wanted was a King cake.  Thankfully that was easy to find since we're near Mardi Gras.  I love the oxymoron in this picture.  :-)  
 I used my Cricut to make Jason's card.  Not too bad for the first-time. 
 We had a special pre-deployment dinner at our favorite Ocean Springs eatery, Kenny Wards.  I'm also learning how to use my new phone and it's, fun. 
So much more has happened.  Right after he left, one of my BFF came into town for our annual Dirty Thirty weekend.  We were sans two due to life and babies, but we had fun nonetheless.  Pics from that later. 

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