Monday, December 13, 2010

Well done, good and faithful servant.

The title was the theme for the eulogy at Jason's grandfather's funeral this past Friday.  PawPaw Joe had been sick for quite some time and in the last few months his health had deteriorated quite rapidly.  Everyone kept saying he wouldn't be with us much longer, and yet no one was prepared for him to leave us last Tuesday.  We made it to Baton Rouge in time for Jason to say one last good-bye.  PawPaw is credited with raising Jason and I'm thankful he had such a powerful impact on Jason.  His faith in Christ was always evident and was repeatedly referred to as people expressed their condolences. 

I'm thankful Jason was still here when PawPaw passed away.  In all honesty, his presence didn't mean anything to PawPaw or to Jason in the end, but to Jason's family, it was important to have him there.  Now we move forward, knowing our Redeemer lives and striving to live up to the legacy of Faith that was left to us by PawPaw. 

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