Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wedded Bliss

Well I wouldn't say the whole year was blissful, but is has been wonderful and amazing and I'm excited to see how the next 89 turn out! ;-) Jason has been TAUNTING me for WEEKS about Saturday. He wouldn't tell me anything that he had planned. Not what to wear, where we were going...nothing. Saturday morning he said he'd tell me after I showered...then he changed it to after he showered. Grrr. But I loved the suspense, I can't lie.

We drove along 90 till we got to this ticket center for Boomtown casino...he went and parked behind it. We're not gamblers, so I was puzzled. Insert my face here...

We walked over to a lovely older community and to a house...where the door looked like this...

If you can't read the door, it's the "Randy Barras Salon and Spa" Aveda salon and spa! Ahhh! Yeah! I got a facial, mani, pedi, cut and COLOR! Hmmm...I have warm highlights to welcome the summer. Then he took me to get my make-up done!

From there we got ready for dinner at our favorite restaurant, Kenny Ward's in downtown Ocean Springs. Marvelous steak and grouper, along with outstanding martinis.

Jason spoiled me rotten and I enjoyed every minute of it. So much has happened this year, but we've settled into a great "calm" that I love. He's pretty awesome and I am so blessed the Lord brought us together!

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Nina and Christopher said...

Awwwwww..........what a sweet husband. Chris is gagging, but I think it's sweet!

Hope to talk to you soon.

Love, Nina