Saturday, March 20, 2010

"It's just nice being a family."

The title is a quote from Jason this morning after we enjoyed a lazy Saturday with the boys. Actually, it wasn't that lazy--laundry and bathrooms were cleaned, but without deadlines, which made it feel lazy.

This has been the best visit so far with the boys. We haven't tried to cram it in with 801 activities and visits with extended family. Jason picked up the boys last weekend and went straight to Baton Rouge. I stayed back due to my schedule at Kohls. Jason's boss was wonderful about helping Jason arrange his schedule so he could be home with the boys during the days that I had to work. Which, while might have been a pain, was a huge blessing in that Jason got to spend much more time with them then he has during previous visits.

I also think we're more settled, which helps them feel more settled. We've gone to the beach, the boys adopted a Hermit crab, bought Mario Kart and WHEELS (really very cool), and we've played lots of board games. It's been a great week, I can't say it enough.

I'm going to feel melancholy when they leave, but we just have 2 1/2 months till they visit for six weeks! And we have a short visit to SA planned for a wedding (what else?) to break up the time.

Currently the boys have just finished running around outside, Jason's grilling hot dogs and turkey dogs and we have frozen yogurt churning. Could life be any better?

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Nicole said...

sounds like the perfect weekend!