Friday, March 26, 2010

Grand Opening

Kohl's has finally opened to the public and they have flocked to the store. Great. Glad the business is going well. I'm glad we're finally able to move merchandise out of the store and move overstock onto the floor. I get a sick sense of pleasure out of organizing racks of clothes in style and color order, I really do.

But I did have to wonder, after helping the third, darling, little old lady find a bra, if this what I should be doing after working for five years to complete my Masters. Probably not. I should probably be working with kids.

But here's the deal. I don't want to teach in a classroom on a regular basis. (Yikes, I've thought it and written it now!) An art position at a public high school has opened up. However, they're under a hiring freeze right now, so it may or may not be filled. The district is also trying to cut 8 million out of it's budget. Double-yikes! To be honest, I haven't met too many positive high school teachers in the area, which makes me wonder if I want to put myself in that environment, especially if we're only here under two more years. Probably not. The Biloxi school district is cutting their staff, which means other districts will be inundated with applicants--many of them with stronger ties to the community. And it is about who you know. Believe me, it's a small community.

But do I really want to do retail for two more years? I've been on the closing team all week. Since it's grand opening week, we're open till 11. Blah! I don't mind closing, but I do mind working with people who do nothing but complain about staying late. I get it, we stayed an hour past our scheduled time grand opening day because there was just so much to do. That's not fun--for anyone. No one wants to stay, but can we really leave the store trashed? No. Last night wasn't as bad. I got home just a little after midnight. That's only about a half-hour after our scheduled time.

There are leadership opportunities available right now in two areas. I've applied for one, and I've been asked to consider the other. We'll see. I don't want Kohl's to take me away from my Creative Memories business either. The Lord has blessed my business down here and I want that to be a priority.

So many things to consider. Lots to pray over.


Nicole said...

Hang in there during this transitional time. It's so hard being in an area geographically that doesn't gel with "gel" with your profession. I mean, you can love what you were born to do but if the circumstances are a little off, what you love to do isn't so lovable. I'm praying for God the show you with crystal clarity the path for you.

Kari said...

Thanks Nicole!!