Thursday, August 20, 2009

San Diego!

Our trip to San Diego was short and jam-packed, as the rest of the trip was also. Sara Jane's wedding was the primary reason we went, but we did enjoy the Zoo, which was a first for me.

Sara Jane has ALWAYS talked about getting married on a beach. Always. We've been friends since we were 11 and I've always known I'd watch her walk down a beach for her wedding. So, thankfully, she married a Navy man and they were able to get onto a beach off Coronado Island that is for Navy men and their families. It was incredible. I've never seen Sara so happy and James is a great guy. As Michelle said in her toast, the girls have given their approval. :)

The boys were more interested in finding seashells then the service, but what boy that age wouldn't be. :) They were great at both the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception. We received LOTS of compliments about how well behaved they were, which made my heart proud. The reception site had a special buffet for boys, so that helped tremendously. Ian enjoyed taking LOTS of pictures with his dad's camera, so many of my pics are from his vantage point. Sara, they're going to get posted to a Picasa site soon! I had to weed some out. :)

There was a cruise the next day around the Harbour--that's where the first picture was taken. It's become a fav of mine already!

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