Sunday, August 23, 2009

July/August Wrap-Up

The last week in July was our last week with the boys. Despite the apartment being in orderly boxes and disarray all at the same time, I decided I didn't want to spend the week unpacking with the boys here. So we did things like go to art museums, fish, go to the pool, and the beach!

The Biloxi beaches are not as pretty as Florida or California beaches, but they have cool things like crabs and jellyfish on them, so the boys had a blast. I even got brave and held a crab myself! :)

The boys left and Jason and I soothed ourselves by having a scrumptious stuffed red snapper dinner that night. Certainly doesn't replace the boys, but it did feed our souls a little bit that night. Jason really took care of the cooking that night--he loves to play it up!

The weekend after the boys left we drove to Pensacola, FL to visit my friend Shawn. Shawn was a coach for one of my TNT teams and he's in the Air Force. He's been training to call in air support for the Army. I'm a little scared for him, but someone has to do it. We're actually going to go back for his graduation this week. Anyways, we spent a day at the beach in Gulf Shores, AL. It was gorgeous!!

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