Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our "Hurricane" Weekend

Disclaimer: I do not mean to demean those who suffered serious damage, loss,etc in Houston and other areas from the hurricane.

San Antonio was fully prepared for hurricane weather last weekend. My TNT practice was cancelled. I was looking forward to sleeping in to lots of wind and rain--not enough to harm, but enough to mean no traveling for awhile. However, as everyone now knows, it skipped us completely. So, instead it meant getting some things done around the house. I finally framed and hung an ink drawing by Rachel Leising Soo that I've had since her senior show--about eight years ago. And then I couldn't let two bananas go to waste, so banana muffins and bread were made. While I did all of that, Jason rested. :) After I put him to work doing the framing and hanging for me. Such a sweetie!

It was a restful weekend for us.

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