Thursday, May 29, 2008

The first week of vacation...if one can call it that...

I'm not sure this week can be called a vacation. It's been busy...different than when we have students, but it's still not the relaxed, read a book and chill kind of week I'm eagerly looking forward to.

Monday was a holiday, but it was not as relaxed as I'd like it to be due to a funeral for the mother of my roommate's co-worker. Bethany, my roommate, teaches at one of our association grade schools and I've had the pleasure of getting to know a lot of her colleagues well. Cheryl's mom was not someone I knew, but I've gotten to know Cheryl and her husband, Bob very well and they are dear people. Cheryl's parents had been in the restaurant business, which meant liquor sellers would give them complimentary bottles of liquor. Well, at our "stock the bar" party a couple of years ago, Bob brought over a 40-year-old bottle for us. All of this information is to explain why Bethany and I had a shot of whiskey Monday night in Eunice's honor. I've never actually done a shot in honor of someone and I think it's pretty funny that we did Monday night. Bob thought it was a great idea and told us to enjoy it.

We've had two days of meetings, with today's going two hours over, but that meant not having to meet tomorrow, which was better for all of us. I have a number of things to do tomorrow and Saturday before I leave town for awhile.

Really, it's been a boring week, although I've been out almost every night. Last night it was a cook out for a Cards game, the night before it was to welcome a new associate Pastor to town, and then there was a SPURS game to cheer for Sunday night. Which is also why I feel like I haven't relaxed yet. I need some down time at home to feel as though summer is here.

There are some indications it summer. I get to run a little later in the morning. I get to drink coffee out of regular mugs and not just travel mugs. This brings me no end of pleasure. I'm also home a little earlier. Oh, and my neighbor keeps bringing over tomatoes and cucumbers from her garden. Love it!

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