Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another week gone by...

I spent much of my week doing what I love best...listening to my students. I'm holding junior meetings to make sure they are set for what they need to do this summer to prepare for next year, etc. So I get to just talk with them, find out what they are thinking, where they see themselves going. It's fun. It's what I love.

I love when the most laid back of students comes in and shares his five-year plan. I love hearing how two different students want to go into mission work. I love hearing from students that they realize they could do better and they're taking steps to do so.

The Lord is working and it's nice to take some time to sit and hear how He's working and see how He's working.

I am particularly close to this year's senior class. They are the last class I taught English to and I have always had a bond with them thanks to their journals and just their spirit. But while I have thought all year that I would miss them, I am suddenly renewed in looking forward to next year and seeing what these juniors can do as seniors.

Spring is such an odd time becuase there are still the items that must be dealt with in the present, but yet it is time to begin looking towards the next year and making preparations for it as well.


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Nina said...

Hi, Kari! I was going to leave a message on your chatbox, but it's all black and I can't see any of the words. It sounds like you're doing well. Hopefully we can talk soon. It's been too long!