Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Projects

Well, a relaxing spring break ended with a joyous Easter weekend with my parents. We celebrated Christ's resurrection at a Sunrise service and enjoyed a breakfast prepared by the youth of St. Mark's. From there we went back and continued watching LOTS of NCAA basketball and working on a project that is near and dear to my heart...

We organized pictures! I'm a big believer in visually recording history. It's why I'm intent on putting all of my pictures in albums--so that future generations will be able to learn about their crazy Aunt Kari and all of her crazy friends. :) When I was little I would regularly pour over the albums my mom did have finished. However she really only had them finished through 1983...and the rest of the pictures were in boxes...but not boxes that are truly photo safe. A couple of years ago a bought mom a Power Sort box from Creative Memories. Last spring we bought her another one because we knew she would need it. Alas, it had been empty...until this weekend.

Photos were safely stored through 1983--we had taken them out of the awful magnetic photo albums and put them in the Power Sort box--so, beginning with 1984 we began to sort...and sort...and sort...I would sort them by month and year on the floor and then mom would take them and double-check them to be sure they were right and then put them into the box. We got through 1999! They are all safely stored in the two Power Sort boxes--which hold roughly 2,400 photos.

What about the this century you ask? Mom needs a third Power Sort box and then we'll tackle them. For now though, she can actually find pictures and maybe even start thinking about what kinds of albums she wants to put together, which seemed far too overwhelming when we didn't even know what we had and where it was stored.

It was a wonderfully relaxing weekend and now I'm back, ready to go to the dentist and see if it was a filling that came out of mouth at lunch or part of my tooth. The fun never stops!

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shel said...

this sounds just like me and my ma. i always complain that her grandkids aren't going to have anything to look through. i must document all of my photos in albums for that very reason! think of the future generations! she has boxes and boxes, and hopefully one day we can get her motivated to do something about it! tell me more about these power sort boxes.