Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Summer ReCap

The summer was fast and furious as usual! I spent June and a little of July taking Psychology of Human Motivation. Oddly enough I was not that motivated. :-) The day of my final my parents picked me up and we drove to Iowa to spend time with our families there. My sister met us there and we helped our Grandmother celebrate her 80th birthday. One of the highlights of the trip was finally getting my picture taken in a cornfield. I love the summer cornfields--they are just absolutely beautiful against the blue sky. After the Iowa trip I spent some time in San Antonio. I should have been doing work for the upcoming school year, but I just felt a bit burnt out after taking a class in June.

The next highlight was the LCMS National Youth Gathering! I served as co-manager of exhibitors. It was amazing to see all the planning come together in Orlando. The Gathering team had a number of college classmates serving in various positions and it was wonderful to see their vision come to life. I saw good friends at the CUNE reunion. My sister led a group, so I got to see her again which was awesome. We both got to see two of our cousins who were there as participants. It's so nice knowing our younger cousins enjoy seeing us as much as we enjoy seeing them, especially since there's a twelve to thirteen year age difference.

The school year is well under way now. I am enjoying being in my second year of counseling and seventh year of teaching--wow! I teach all morning long and then one class in the afternoon. I do struggle with putting in time in both areas and I often feel as though I'm giving one or both the shaft. But, I can only do my best and the Lord will help me get everything done with it needs to be done.

I pray all is well!

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Brian West said...

Thanks for the update. It's good to see that things are going well. You've survived the first couple weeks of the school year. Glad to know that you're still alive.