Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas and New Year's Eve

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I survived a 16 1/2 hour drive to Iowa with my parents for our annual celebration with our extended families. Why did we drive? Because mom and dad needed flexibility in terms of dates. Why did we go to Iowa? Because my sister and I have never, EVER celebrated Christmas outside of Iowa. At some point I know that tradition will change, but right now we need to do it for as long as possible. Grandma, Grandpa, and Grandma are not getting younger--they're still in good health--but we need to take advantage of every opprotunity. At least that's what I tell my mom when she starts talking about changing tradition. I don't do well with changes, so I'm going to fight this one for a long time. Besides, when else do I get to stay up till 2:30 in the morning with my sister and cousin to TP our uncle?! Christmas Eve was memorable.

New Year's Eve was spent at my cousin and cousin-in-law's house. My college roommate, Anna (Hasty) Maschke, Jed, and their daughter, Ali, were here for a wedding and so I got to meet Ali and spend some time with them. Ali is absolutely adorable. She loves the mornings and hates car seats. Other than that, she smiles close to all the time. I have to say she's freakishly strong as well. Holds her head up and can scootch a little bit...just needs to figure out how to use her arms and legs at the same time. Nothing crazy happened, but it was a great time with good friends.

Pics will come soon...

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