Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm A Marathoner!!!

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5:30 am was the early start for TNT was a good idea because then I didn't stress about the time and let myself stop and use porta-pottys, etc. There were only 20 of us and our captains had to lead us because streets weren't totally blocked off yet, etc. WE thought we were lost once, but we were okay. It was dark and our captains were yelling and I was kinda afraid we'd get shot...the first 4 miles weren't in a picturesque part of SA. ;-)I ran with two girls, Tami and Erin, for the first 14 to 18 miles...I don't quite remember when I went ahead. We'd been doing 5:1 intervals and we were booking it. The frist half was done in 2:42...a pr for me! At about 18 Tami was struggling to keep running for 5, so we tried 3:2...but that 2 made my muscles stiffen up too much, so Erin and I said let's do 4:1...but Tami just couldn't, so I went ahead...I hated leaving them, but I really wanted to keep my pace up while I could and I really did want to finish in under 6 hours. So, I was on my own. Miles 14 to 20 were the toughest becasuse spectators couldn't get down to the course, so we were on our own. I'd seen my parents and roommate at miles 2, 4, 6, and 9 and then again at 20 and the finish! When I saw them at 20, I saw three of my friends from Bible study there with signs for me! No one has ever made a sign for me! Totally picked up my spirits. At 21 there was a TNT cheer station with my friends from the NIKE team. I heard TJ yell my name and totally smiled and picked it up again. At 22, my friend Remmie was there and she walked about three miles while I ran...when I'd walk my minute, she'd get ahead and sometimes she just worked to get ahead anyways. We'd talk a was great. Dad said I picked it up when I saw Remmie becuase at 20 he calculated that I'd finish in a little over 6, but then he talked to Rem on the phone and knew I'd picked it up a little. At 25 I saw my cousin and cousin-in-law...that was great too! Rem had to leave me at 25ish and I ran/walked the rest of the way. I had energy to book it into the finish line...which was inside the Alamodome! Totally fun! My lower back and left foot hurt the first half. My right calf, more behind my right knee hurt the second half. The right side still hurts. I'm sore, but it's not unbearable. Crystal asked me if I'd do it again...I would if it was a really cool place and they didn't offer a half and really, really wanted to go. So we'll see. I'd love to mentor for TNT, but I need to really assess how busy I am. I just love doing everything and that gets me in trouble sometimes.

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