Wednesday, August 30, 2006

School Days, School Days...

The year has begun and it has been crazy! I sat down at my first faculty meeting of the year...almost three weeks ago...and listened to my Headmaster tell us that he was turning in his resignation that evening. The large space there represents how stunned we all were. From there it has been a whirlwind...which it was before with the school just got even more windy. We have a three-person administrative council set up and then we're all just working incredibly hard to share the Gospel with our 110 students. The faculty has really pulled together well. I am incredibly honored to work with the 10+ people that the Lord has blessed LHS with this year.

I was in Orlando this past weekend for a NYG '07 planning meeting. It's really incredible to see something so huge get put together. I am co-managing the exhibitors/vendors and feel like it's not the most significant role, but one that I think I will really enjoy. I also love that I can catch up with old friends at these meetings...and of course make some new friends.

I pray all is well with my dear friends!

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