Thursday, February 09, 2006

28 is Great

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Twenty-eight. Twenty-EIGHT! How did I get here?! Is twenty-eight that old? No. What makes me feel old is the fact that my sister is twenty-three! I don't feel older than twenty-three, so how on earth could my sister BE twenty-three?! Oh well.

I spent my birthday weekend celebrating with friends and family. I highly recommend visiting Gruene, TX if you're ever in the area between Austin and San Antonio. It's a quaint little town known for their live music at Gruene Hall, as well as the Gris Mill, a wonderful restaurant with Texas-sized onion rings. Yum! Then, my friend Crystal made St. Louis-style gooey-butter cake. Double-yum!

My third-cousin, Brad, his wife, and my roommate helped me celebrate on my actual birthday. It was fun and I would say twenty-eight is treating me well.

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curtisf said...

Happy Birthday!