Friday, January 20, 2006


My roommate, Bethany, hates white walls with a passion. Therefore we spent all of Martin Luther King Jr. weekend painting. We painted our entryway, our living room, the hallway between our bedrooms, and then, as a last-minute decision, we painted our kitchen. It was Monday and at about noon we thought, "Why not?" and so the deed was done. The transformation is pretty incredible...a little color can go a long way in making a home feel warm and comfortable.

As a color theorist, I knew that we had a color scheme going, but I couldn't quite decide what it was since we were only use two colors on the walls--orange and deep purple. But then a trip to Starbucks gave me all of the answers! My roommate and I were sitting in Starbucks with another friend when I realized the wall I faced was the same purple in hour house. At that same moment Bethany realized that the orange on the all she was facing was similar to our orange. I looked around and saw that green was the other main color in the coffee shop. Well, for those of you unfamiliar with color schemes, orange, green, and purple are the colors in a Secondary Triad. While we don't have green on a wall, we do have green in our pillows and slip covers. I was so relieved to figure out our color scheme. I'm also very happy with out everything has turned out.

Artwork is not on the walls yet, but it will be soon. Happy viewing!

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