Thursday, December 08, 2005

27 Degrees and No Heat

Well, it got down to 27 degrees last night, with a little precipitation. The temperature wouldn't have bothered me quite so much had our heater been working. At first it just wasn't switching on when it should have been, but then, after our landlord fixed that, the flame wasn't working properly. Actually, it was overworking--spreading out too far. My landlord was concerned about carbon monoxide, which made me concerned about carbon monoxide. At first my Mississippi roommate and I were going to just tough it out...but the Mississippi girl just couldn't take the cold. At 11 pm we called my cousin Brad and his wife and asked if we could crash at their place. They were more than willing to help us out, so we scraped off the car and drove over to their place. Yes, there was ice on my car, not too much, but enough that the scraper that Jim Matthias and Andy Benscotter bought me in college came in very handy.

I was praying for an ice day, but there wasn't enough ice on the side roads for a day off. Oh well...
I pray all of you are staying warm!

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